Friday, February 11, 2005

Detroit Free Press: Chalabi wants to be Iraq's new prime minister.

Ten days after the Iraqi elections, the announcement of the final results has been delayed further by the recount of votes in about 300 ballot boxes, the electoral commission says. (Al Jazeera)

There were irregularities in Iraq’s general election, which would result in some elements of Iraqi society would be under represented in the new parliament, a spokesman for the Turkish Foreign Ministry said Wednesday. (MSNBC)

Iraqi Kurds hope their apparent strong showing in the Jan. 30 national elections will strengthen their case for self-rule and enable them to reverse what they consider a land grab by Saddam Hussein that cut into their northern stronghold.

Stephen Chapman: After the Iraqi Election, Self-Congratulation Abounds. (Real Clear Politics)

Editorial: $152 billion steep price for Iraq elections. (Tomah Journal)

Rachelle Marshall: Elections Alone Can’t Bring Peace to Occupied Palestine and Iraq. (

Abraham Miller: Lessons of the Iraq Elections. Watching the media coverage of the recent election in Iraq has been nothing short of watching CNBC during the height of the bull market. Seldom have long-term consequences been so smothered in the embrace of short-term exuberance. I know I am raining on the big parade, and even liberal media pundit Dan Rather seems to have added his voice to the cheering multitudes. But to evaluate Iraq’s political future from the perspective of the election is like loading up on tech stocks at the height of the bull market. (Chron Watch)