Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Iraq: Winning the Unwinnable War

James Dobbins, Director of the International Security and Defense Policy Center at Rand: Iraq: Winning the Unwinnable War. By losing the trust of the Iraqi people, the Bush administration has already lost the war. Moderate Iraqis can still win it, but only if they wean themselves from Washington and get support from elsewhere. To help them, the United States should reduce and ultimately eliminate its military presence, train Iraqis to beat the insurgency on their own, and rally Iran and European allies to the cause. (Foreign Affairs Jan/Feb 2005) [fairly long, 4 pages]

[...] Within Iraq, the most pressing issue is when and how to stage the national elections currently planned for January. [...] Assuming elections do occur, the new government will emerge with only modestly enhanced legitimacy. Shiites and Kurds may be adequately represented, but the Sunnis will not be. [...]

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