Saturday, January 08, 2005

In its struggle to transfer sovereignty back to Iraq last spring, the Bush administration made some tough decisions about the makeup of the political system and how Iraqi elections could occur quickly and fairly. But now a little-noticed decision on election procedures has come back to haunt administration officials, just weeks before the vote is to take place, administration and United Nations officials say. (New York Times)

The Pentagon has ordered a review of its strategy in Iraq, as Shiite leaders say they are open to guaranteeing a presence for Sunnis in the next government even if most of them boycott elections. (

Opinion: Turkey's Contribution to Stability in Iraq. The kind of Iraq we are going to face in the end is uncertain. The process of handing over of sovereignty to the Iraqis by the invasion forces has started with some symbolic steps, like the first troops of the new Iraqi army completing their military training. (Sahin Alpay via Zaman Online)

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