Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Neighbor meet roundup:

Iraq's neighboring countries will meet in Amman on Thursday to discuss the pre-election situation in the war-torn country, Jordanian Foreign Ministry spokesman Rajab Suqeiri said Monday. Iraq's six neighboring countries, namely, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Syria, as well as representatives of Egypt, Bahrain and the United Nations will take part in the one-day meeting, he told reporters. (XINHUA online)

Jordanian Foreign Minister Hani Mulki said Wednesday a conference in Amman of Iraq's six neighbours will aim to back "appropriate and transparent" elections in Iraq later this month. (Khaleej Times)

A clash between Iran and Jordan over the future of Iraq threatens to undermine Thursday's meeting of Iraq's neighbours in Amman. Mohammad Irani, Tehran's ambassador to Amman, said recent claims from Jordan's King Abdullah of Iranian "interference" in Iraq "had not created the proper atmosphere for Iran's participation". (Financial Times)

There is no reason for Iraq's neighbors to meet in Amman later this week, Iran's ambassador to Jordan said Monday, underscoring the strain in relations after Jordan's King Abdullah II accused Tehran of seeking to influence the upcoming Iraqi elections. (The Boston Globe)

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