Saturday, January 22, 2005

blog round-up

Baghdad Burning: river, not a fan of the interim government on the best of days, describes the bleak water situation. [I feel the water situation could become an issue in the upcoming elections. -ed.]

Healing Iraq: Zeyad gives us a countdown to elections post, giving an overview of election and also opinions on security issues, Ba'athist/Sunni participation, and more. Zeyad also briefly mentions that he will not be blogging again until the elections are over.

Daily Kos: a thread on how Iraqi election security is a mess.

Belmont Club: Continues the series Lost Elections 2 and Lost Elections 3. [and thanks to B.C. for linking to us -ed.]

The Adventures of Chester: Chester found a commercial in support of the Iraqi elections, aired on Arabic-language TV in Iraq.

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