Thursday, January 20, 2005

Two Sunni Muslim organisations have agreed to take part in the local election in a single province despite their rejection of nationwide balloting for the new National Assembly. (The Age [Australia])

Fact sheet issued by the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad outlining the Transitional Administrative Law’s criteria for candidacy to Iraq’s Transitional National Assembly and the timeline for the Assembly to complete its work in drafting a constitution. (US Dept. of State)

The January 30 elections in Iraq are only the first step in an extended process of establishing an effective, functional state with a government that enjoys broad popular legitimacy, according to Phebe Marr, author of The Modern History of Iraq and senior fellow at the United States Institute for Peace. (US Dept. of State)

David Limbaugh: Iraq democracy naysayers. Far be it from me to accuse the mainstream media of rooting for failure in the Jan. 30 Iraqi elections, but their reporting sometimes makes you wonder. (Washington Times)

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