Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Shiites Want 'Democratic' not 'Theoretic' Iraq . It is almost certain that Shiites constituting 60 percent of the Iraqi population will win that nation's elections on January 30th. Since prominent Shiite leaders stayed in exile in Iran during the Saddam Hussein era, some worry that a Sharia [Islamic law] state directed by Tehran might be formed in Bagdat (Baghdad). But Shiites, who were among those most suppressed by Saddam, say they want a 'democracy, not a theocracy." [...] (Zaman Online)

And a similar article from Christian Science Monitor.

PROFNET WIRE: GOVERNMENT & LAW: Iraq Elections Jan. 19, 2005. Following are experts who can comment on issues related to the upcoming Iraq elections: [...]

JINSA report: Elections in Iraq and Palestine and America. It was telling that a major U.S. newspaper that had been reporting mainly bad news from Iraq chose to run a cheerful photo yesterday of Iraqi women preparing for elections. The paper was, no doubt, cognizant of a poll in Iraq showing that nearly 85 percent of Iraqis said they planned to vote. We confidently predict that the major paper will now begin to run positive stories about the politics of a country emerging from 35 years of totalitarian hell. [...]

A Tulsa company says it will be providing metal detectors for use during this month's national elections in Iraq. (Oklahoma News Channel 4)

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