Friday, January 28, 2005

AP: Timetable for Sunday's elections in Iraq.

In most elections, the big question is "Who won?" In Iraq this Sunday, the bigger question may be "Who voted?" Turnout is considered key as Iraq prepares to take a historic first step toward democratic self-rule after decades of Saddam Hussein's oppression. (AP)

With conditions far from ideal and security a major problem, Iraq's elections on Sunday should not be seen as "a be-all and end-all," but only one in a series of important staging posts "along an evolving transition" as the country emerges from an extremely traumatic chapter in its history, senior United Nations officials said today. (United Nations)

President Bush, saying he is impressed by the “incredible bravery” of the Iraqi people, urged Iraqis to vote in the January 30 national elections in defiance of the violence and threats by terrorists. (US Dept. of State)

U.S. troops packed extra uniforms and ammunition before moving out of their main base Thursday to take up positions around Baghdad, part of a massive security operation to protect voters during weekend elections that insurgents have vowed to disrupt. (AP)

What's happening today in Iraq is revolutionary in political terms, with millions of Iraqis expected to go to the polls this weekend, the commander of U.S. forces in Southwest Asia told members of the Senate Armed Services Committee Jan. 26.

More howto: How Iraq's elections will work (Christian Science Monitor)

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