Sunday, January 23, 2005

Iraqi who snared Saddam registers for elections. The Iraqi translator who identified Saddam Hussein when the dictator was captured has registered to vote in the Jan. 30 Iraq election. (AP)

Editorial: Elections must go on in Iraq. One sign of a stable government is elections held regularly and on schedule. That's why elections in Iraq should be held as planned on Jan. 30. There have been calls during the past few weeks for the elections to be postponed. No one seems willing to admit that terrorist attacks on government officials and election workers are behind such calls. Instead, the pretext is that postponing elections would ensure a higher turnout of Sunni Muslim voters. Some Sunni leaders have called for their followers to boycott the elections. Sunnis are outnumbered about two-to-one by Shiite Muslims. [...] (The Advertiser-Tribune [OH])

Chris Deerin: Amid Iraq's horror, hope springs eternal. When the foot of a British soldier flies towards the head of an Iraqi who is lying on the ground, trussed in a net, it’s hard to think of freedom. First a foot; then a blurred fist. Another man hangs like a prawn from the tines of a forklift truck; a Union Jack flutters behind him in the breeze. Two male prisoners are stripped and positioned as if having sex; they are then made to give the thumbs-up. (Scotland on Sunday)

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