Saturday, January 29, 2005

Iraq's interim president has reversed earlier comments and now says that he expects two thirds of Iraqis to vote in Sunday's election. (Al jazeera)

The Shiite party expected to dominate Iraq's election will not seek to create a religious state, will ensure that Sunnis have a strong representation in any future government and will not ask U.S. forces to leave any time soon, Iraq's national security adviser assured world leaders Saturday. (AP)

Spirited expat voting in Jordan. (AP)

Procedures for voting in Iraqi elections. (AP)

Relatively few people in this former insurgent stronghold [western Anbar province] are likely to turn out for Sunday's election. Some fear the insurgents, others believe it is against Islam to vote in elections organized by "infidels." (AP via Boston Globe)

Arabic News: Extreme violence escorts the Iraqi elections.

Kurdish leaders from rival factions in northern Iraq have united in hopes of winning a large bloc of seats in Sunday's National Assembly vote and say they will insist that either the presidency or the prime minister's job goes to a Kurd. (AP)

Democrats praised Iraq's nationwide elections as "a great day for many." (CNN)

Detroit Free Press: In Iraqi elections, Bush also could win or lose. Goal of democracy in Mideast will be put to its first test.