Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A suicide car bomber has struck near a checkpoint on a street leading to Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's party office, wounding at least 10 people in the latest guerrilla attack before January 30 elections.

Human Rights Watch Q&A: Iraqi Elections: Human Rights Concerns.

US soldiers pitch in for Iraqi elections with mixed feelings. Soldiers get ready for the mission in front of their bulky combat vehicles as this northern Iraqi city, with its crumbling minarets, stretches out in the distance under brooding clouds. [...] (AFP via TurkishPress.com)

US ambassador to Iraq John Negroponte said Sunday that he expects "wide participation" in the upcoming Iraqi elections but that turnout among the Sunni Muslim community should not determine the legitimacy of the January 30 vote. (AFP via TurkishPress.com)

CMU professors doubtful of upcoming Iraqi elections.

The Iraqi prelate who was kidnapped last week has called for a delay in national elections scheduled for January 30.

The upcoming elections in Iraq will show that terrorism can be beaten, European Justice and Social Affairs Commissioner Franco Frattini said in Rome on Monday.

The candidate list endorsed by Iraq's top Shiite cleric is likely to emerge as the dominant political group in Sunday's election. (AP)

BBC: Will Iraq elections be a success?

Lin Noueihed: Iraq elections — comedy of (t)errors!

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