Friday, January 28, 2005

blog round-up

Duraid from Canada posts info about the various candidate lists in his Iraq Election blog.

Belmont Club discusses Ted Kennedy's assertions that Iraq and the elections are mistakes, with an informative counterpoint from a bishop in Kirkuk.

Kurdo of Kurdistan posts photos and talks about celebrating the elections campaigns in the freezing cold.

Mohammed of Iraq The Model: Go Iraq, Go!. Less than 48 hours left before the people of Iraq experience free decision making for the first time in their country's modern history. It's a moment of pure freedom but still surrounded by lots of dangers just like any beautiful rose surrounded by spikes. [...]

Dahr's Iraq Dispatches (form Baghdad): High anxiety. Despite a continuing increase in the already draconian security measures imposed across Iraq, the bombs keep coming. [...]

The Adventures of Chester provides some analysis: The shadow of Karbala.

Humorist James Lileks blogs about the election and other things.

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