Friday, January 28, 2005

Iraq experts on election -- and what comes next. (National Geographic)

Analysis from James Phillips: Stabilizing Iraq after the elections. (The Heritage Foundation)

Religious Shi'ite women mobilize for Iraqi elections. (Voice of America)

Anas Shallal: Iraqi Elections: Bring ‘Em On... The elections in Iraq are shaping up to be another “Bring ‘em on” moment. Iraqis are bracing themselves for more violence and the real possibility of extreme danger to those who go to the polls. Carlos Valenzuela, the chief UN elections adviser in Iraq said that “the intimidation of electoral workers by guerrillas seeking to derail this month’s balloting is high and very serious,” According to the Associated Press. [...] (Common Dreams progressive news center)

S.F. Chronicle: Elections begin yearlong political march in Iraq. To many Americans and Iraqis, Sunday's elections in Iraq are being seen as a major step in the country's march toward full-fledged democracy. President Bush called it "a grand moment in Iraqi history" Wednesday. But even if the elections succeed amid continuing violence, the nationwide vote is just the beginning of a tough, uncertain political process that will take another year and possibly much longer to complete, as Bush and other senior administration officials have acknowledged. [...]

Editorial: The brave new world of democracy Iraq-style. Tomorrow's election in Iraq will not miraculously deliver democracy to that troubled land, but perhaps it is a start. (The Age)

Skeptics question worth of elections (AP)

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