Saturday, January 29, 2005

Less than 48 hours before nationwide elections here, Nasir al-Saedy, one of the city's most popular Shiite clerics, stood before a crowd of 20,000 Iraqis and uttered not a single word about the vote. Sheik Saedy spoke of faith, humility and the power of God. But about Sunday's elections, the first here in more than 30 years, nothing. For the throngs of Iraqis who had come to Al Mohsen Mosque to listen, the sheik's silence came through loud and clear. (New York Times)

U.S. nervously awaits Iraqi elections Administration works to ease fears of likely Shiite victory's impact on region. (Washington Post)

More photos of campaign posters and elections celebrating at blog Kurdo's World.

Iraqi blogger Hammorabi's excitement continues, exclaiming a new iraq on its way! He gives some history of the region, mentions "It is wrong to assume that the terrorists' attacks are resistance", and discusses other issues surrounding the election.

Editorial: Iraq: Is democracy viable? (The Jakarta Post)

Editorial: Elections in Iraq pose concerns. Just what are Iraqi citizens thinking about as Sunday's election comes closer? (The Sentinel)

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