Monday, January 31, 2005

After historic Iraq vote, Saudis try own elections. (

Even European critics of Iraq war praise Iraqis and Bush for election. (AP via Boston Globe)

Arab Reaction to Iraqi Elections Mixed. (Washington Post) And from the Daily Star in Lebanon: Iraqi elections spark Arab soul-searching.

Upbeat about election, Iran hopes Iraq occupation ends soon. (Tehran Times)

Jordan's king optimistic after Iraq election. Abdullah calls for Sunni community to be included in the political process. (The Daily Star [Lebanon])

Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi on Monday welcomed Sunday's elections in Iraq and vowed continued Japanese support for Iraqis' nation building. (Japan Today)

Leading clerics here in the holiest city of Shiite Islam [Najaf] today expressed strong approval of the conduct of the country's first multiparty elections in decades, despite the fact that Iraqi electoral officials have yet to announce the results. (New York Times)

Iraqi TV offers nonstop coverage of elections. (Washington Times)

Time Magazine: Making sense of Iraq's vote.

Christian Science Monitor: How election reverberates beyond Iraq. Both Iraqi unity and global engagement may get a boost.

Eric Margolis: Iraq's predetermined elections. There was nothing at all surprising about yesterday’s election in Iraq. The vote, designed to justify the US-British invasion and occupation of a sovereign nation, had entirely predictable results. (

Washington Post: Q&A: What's next for Iraq's Democracy?

Aaron Goldstein: The Swing Vote In Iraq. (American Daily)