Sunday, January 30, 2005

Iraq's influential Association of Muslim Scholars has told Aljazeera that the low turnout by Sunni Arabs in elections was due to a lack of real choice and military occupation. (Al Jazeera)

As the world watched Iraq's historic elections Sunday, Arab media weighed in with a mix of hope, concern, and skepticism. The following is a selection of quotes from Arabic newspapers as well as TV networks: [...] (CNN)

AP round-up:

For Widowed Kurds, Voting Means Revenge
Iraqis Brave Attacks; Voter Turnout High
Quotes about the Iraqi elections from Iraqi and world leaders, observers and voters:
Iran Expects Benefits From Iraq Election
Key Steps in Iraq's Political Process

Women and voting:

James Glanz: The great unknown in Iraq is what women will do when they step behind the cardboard voting booths in a rare moment away from the immediate influence of husbands, sheiks and other clerics. (New York Times)

Houzan Mahmoud: Iraqi women find election a cruel joke (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Doubt over power of elected women (AFP via The Australian)