Sunday, January 30, 2005

Vote-counting has begun by candlelight amid power cuts in Iraq's Shi'ite shrine city Najaf after the faithful had packed the polls in response to an edict from their spiritual leader. (Reuters)

As many as 8 million Iraqis voted today for a National Assembly in defiance of deadly attacks and threats of violence by insurgents, and carried out Iraq's first democratic election since 1953. (Bloomberg)

Troops hold their breath as Iraqis vote. (AP)

Saddam's absence on ballot thrills Iraqis. (AP)

Al Qaeda's group in Iraq said 13 of its suicide bombers were involved in a string of attacks against election centers in Iraq Sunday, according to an Internet statement. (Reuters)

The Australian notes Foreign bombers behind Baghdad blasts.

Bush praises Iraq elections, warns of work ahead. (