Friday, February 04, 2005

AP: Partial Results of Iraqi Election.

Kurdish self-rule is inevitable if not imminent, according to Kurdistan Democratic Party chief Masud Barzani. (Al Jazeera) Also, from Three tiresome elections and a referendum.

Polls big blow to rebels - Iraqi PM (Cape Argus)

Shiites, Kurds acquire power.The groups' strong election results aid their bid to select a new prime minister. (Newsday via Detroit News)

Purple marks support for Iraqi elections (AP via Houston Chronicle)

Sunni dilemma over dealings with new government. After uneven turnouts around the country in Sunday's elections, representatives of Iraq's Sunni Arab minority are divided as to how they will deal with the resulting government, in which their community looks likely to be substantially under-represented. (Financial Times)

Editorial: Find inspiration in Iraqi election. The ballots are still being counted in Baghdad, and officials say it still could be another week before the results of Sunday's elections in Iraq are known. One thing is clear, however: the vote appears to have been a major success. (The Daily News [Jacksonville, NC, USA])

Michel Chossudovsky: Iraqi Elections: Media Disinformation on Voter Turnout? (Global Research via Scoop [NZ])

Arthur Chrenkoff's blog: The new meme hits the Iraq debate

Blog "I Should Have Stayed Home" reprints two anti-election flyers. (found via Chester)