Monday, January 31, 2005

Allawi: Iraq now on way to recovery. Iraq's interim prime minister hails historic day. (MSNBC)

Iraq's crunch election has been marred by irregularities and low turnout in Mosul, despite insistence from the US military that voting in the restive northern capital passed off smoothly. Kurdish and Christian politicians charged that thousands were unable to vote in Nineveh province because of a lack of ballot papers, sparking riots in one town north of Mosul. (ABC News online)

Suicide bombers fail to stop voters (Fairfax Digital) and Iraqi elections wrap up with high turnout (XINHUA online [China])

Arabs Watch, Are Wary Of Iraq Elections. (Free Internet Press)

Kurds Hopeful of Strong Representation in Iraq Assembly. (Voice of America)

J. D. Mullane: Carnage is not the only story from Iraq. (