Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Christopher Allbritton of blog Back to Iraq 3.0: End of the beginning.

Iraq's interim president said Tuesday that tens of thousands of people may have been unable to vote in the country's historic weekend election because some polling places - including those in Sunni Arab areas - ran out of ballots. (AP)

‘The Cities Were Not Bathed in Blood’ It was hardly a perfect election. But against all odds, Election Day brought unexpected hope and gaiety to the streets of Baghdad. (Newsweek)

Thomas Sowell: The defeatists have been defeated. Remember all the political outcries that the Iraqi elections should be postponed because it would be impossible to hold elections with terrorism rampant throughout the country? (

James Carroll: A train wreck of an election. (Boston Globe via International Herald Tribune)

Middle Eastern governments say they hope to establish good relations with whatever leadership emerges from Iraq's landmark election but expressed concern over the low Sunni Muslim turnout and the rise in Shiite Muslim influence. (AP via Boston Herald)

Sen. Hillary Clinton praises Iraq elections. (Newsmax)

George Will: Democracy in Iraq such a nice idea. (Times Union)

Wall Street Journal: The New Iraq. So much for the argument that Arabs don't want democracy.

Philadelphia Inquirer: Editorial | Iraq's huge step forward.

Howard Kurtz: Iraq's moment of truth. (Washington Post)

Ralph Kinney Bennett: Why 'Bloody Sunday' Didn't Happen. As the day of the historic Iraqi elections came to a close the incapability of the vitiated Baathist/Islamofascist forces to carry out their bloody, histrionic threats became apparent. They were not able to exact casualties above the normal accident rate in a country of 27 million people. [...] (Tech Central Station)

Denver Post: Iraqi elections give a breath of fresh air.