Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Preliminary results of Iraqi elections to be released the coming hours (Al Jazeera) Also here is an AP version of the story.

Turns out, hope won Iraq elections. (The Times of India)

Iraq's election was a step in the right direction for peace and stability in the Middle East but it was only a first step, the head of the Arab League said Monday. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Chirac: Iraqi elections "important stage" in political reconstruction. (XINHUA online)

UN Security Council hails Iraqi elections. (XINHUA online)

Europe praises Iraqi elections. Even opponents of U.S.-led war find good things to say about balloting. (Indianapolis Star)

Afghanistan welcomes Iraqi elections. (XINHUA online)

Kerim Balci: Iraqi Elections and Islam (Zaman Daily Newspaper)

Rashed Rahman: VIEW: Elections under occupation. (Daily Times [Pakistan])

Editorial: 'In a war zone, they chose to vote'. The unexpectedly high turnout is welcomed, but concerns for the future remain. (Gulf News via The Guardian[UK])