Monday, January 31, 2005

Profound implications of Iraq elections for Middle East. (New Kerala [India])

Iraq's first multi-party elections for over 50 years dominate Monday's papers. (BBC)

Voters victorious in Iraq's elections. (San Jose Mercury News)

Iraq elections: Purple fingers in Sadr City. (International Herald Tribune)

The leader of a team of international election experts watching the Iraqi poll said the elections generally met international norms, but some unspecified legal areas need improvement. (AP via Boston Globe)

Russia expressed its respect for the results of Iraq’s election in a statement made by the Russian Foreign Ministry on Monday. However, the statement said that it was important for the Iraqi people to acknowledge and accept the poll’s results. ( [Russia]) However, Gorbachev Calls Iraqi Elections “Fake”. ( [Russia])

French FM describes Iraqi elections as "first important step". (XINHUA online [China])

Iraqi parties declare elections great success. (Financial Times)

The terrorists disagree: Al-Zarqawi's group slams Iraqi elections. (Kansas City Star)

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